If you have subscribed to RISER PRO on RISER App:
To cancel your PRO subscription, please contact Google or Apple directly, as the giants are taking over as soon as payment transactions start - so unfortunately we can't do this for you directly.
But we've put all the information together for you, so you can find everything you need as quickly as possible:

Android: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481?co=GENIE.Platform=Android&hl=en

iPhone: https://support.apple.com/de-de/ht202039

If you have subscribed to RISER PRO using RISER Web:
You can cancel your membership directly in your settings on RISER Web.

We would appreciate your feedback, so to know why RISER was not the right choice for you and how we can improve. Please send an email to support@riserapp.com