When starting RISER and entering the HOME screen, you will find the "Adventure Navigator" as a button on the upper side of the screen. That’s the route calculation functionality on RISER.











When you click on the button, a round trip will be set and calculated by RISER Adventure Routing by default. On the right side of the screen you will find the symbol (two points connected by a wavy line) for switching between A-to-B route calculation.











Of course, you can set a target location when setting a route from A to B.

Use "curvy" mode – if you want to use "supercurvy" you will need to upgrade to RISER PRO.









Use the additional parameters button on the upper right side (the button that looks like a controller) to switch to "fastest way". In this area, you can also switch on the "avoid highways" mode if you like – or use the "fastest way" option.