You will find your personal roadbook in the main menu bar on the bottom of yo

ur smartphone's screen. It is the place on RISER where you can organize, save and manage all your trips. Saved trips will automatically appear here. At the top of your screen you will also find the option to switch between saved "Trips" and "Segments" (so create a segment, let the app show you how - just press the button).













Saved trips can be edited, you can make them public, visible to friends or just to yourself. You can add or edit the bike you used for the ride as well as add others who were on the road with you. All the functionality to edit a saved trip is available when tapping on your saved trip and pressing the three dots button on the upper right corner.

If you want to share your trip, use the Share button to do that - you find the button'll find the button in the trip details. 












If you want to add someone to your saved trip, use the plus/minus button to change these details:


To use the reWind function, you will need to upgrade to RISER PRO or have an active RISER PRO membership.