If you want to be inspired by other motorcyclists or if you'd like to get in touch and interact with others, the Feed and the Discover area are the place for you on RISER:

This area on RISER offers you the possibility to see “segments” which have been saved by other users. Currently, you can find it when moving to the “more” area in the main menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Find the function “discover” there.
In “discover” you will find suggestions by others. They can be created by selecting areas of trips as especially interesting: When saving a trip and selecting the most beautiful, exciting, scenic part of it. Of course, you can also make the whole route accessible in segments. Add as much information to these saved suggestions as you’d like to share with others!
Let the community benefit from your insights and the experiences you’ve made by adding as much information as possible to the segments in the description (there’s unlimited space all there to be filled up with description!)


The feed is the area on RISER where you will see interesting Blogposts published by RISER on journal.riserapp.com with stories by the RISER AMBASSADORS and other articles that might be interesting to you. But that’s not all: The newsfeed is the place where you can see what your friends or the RISER team did. Follow the activities of others to get inspired for your next ride, like and comment trips and get in touch with riders all around the world!

RISER will also make friend suggestions to you and integrate them in the newsfeed. Of course you can also manually add friends (find the function in the “more” area in the main menu bar).