Pack Ride is our worldwide unique feature to organize group rides spontaneously and easily!

The feature is thought as an easy way to start a group ride with your friends and keep your group together while you're on the road without having to look in the rearview mirror all the time to check if everyone is still there.

  • Go to your Home Screen on the RISER App and press the circle menu button
    You will see the Pack Ride Icon on the bottom left side of the circle.

  • Press the button and create a Pack Ride! You can choose whether to make it publicly visible or visible only to your friends. If you make it visible to the public, everyone in your area who's on RISER and out there  (in an area of 500 m around your location) looking for a ride companion, will be able to join. If you make it available only for friends, only your friends will see you.

  • When new people / friends join the pack, you will get a notification. Now you can start your trip together and you will see your pack moving along together. Every user on the group has an avatar that you can see live on the map!
  • Get notifications or send some when you need a break or when someone fell behind: If you need fuel, a break or other things, you can receive notifications from others or send some. The app will also notify you automatically when someone fell behind!