With RISER you can record your trips by starting to track pushing the red button on the home screen.
RISER will go in auto-pause when you stop (see the alert with the countdown in the upper part of your screen) and will re-start once you move at a certain speed.
Push the red button to start recording your trip and use the circular menu to stop or pause. 

You can add photos, a description and users who traveled with you and then save the tour in your personal driver's roadbook.

Every recorded and saved trip has the possibility to be shared with others either in a message or on the Social Media.
Just activate the “secret link” in the details of your trip to get the shareable link.

Don’t forget: You can create sections when you record a trip - by defining a section on a trip that you’re about to save, you will have the possibility to share this especially interesting part of your trip in the “discover” area of RISER and make it available to other users as a special suggestion.

In the trip details / by editing your trip you can also change the privacy settings.